Imagine calling someone for the first time and finding your start-up cofounder in that single call. It was love at first call! That’s how I met Sakshi. I have always had a passion for education, and it was my way of building something very similar to InterYou. 

At InterYou, we provide mock interviews and mentorship to students for their BSchool and job interviews, including UPSC, GMAT, etc. All the founders are recent MBA graduates, from IIM Bangalore, and IIM Lucknow and therefore were very clear on how to go forward. We hired interns and started with laying the groundwork quickly. 

Amid a lot of phone calls and discussions, we have finally settled in a way of working where mails, messages, excels and phone calls instead of face to face interactions are our new way of life. This also extends to the current situation of working in multinational companies as well. 

A lot of communications have just been WhatsApp messages prompting us to revert on mails or manage work. Corona has both served and challenged us. With the Lockdown period, we were all restricted to our houses with little obligations, helping us focus all our energy on the work at hand. At the same time, our clients do not expect us to visit them and virtual meetings are enough to seal the deal. In these times, a lot of online tools have emerged to help small businesses and we have also benefited from these services. A special thanks to Zoom and Google is due. 

However, the challenge of not having to meet and discuss ideas, and instead take 3 hours on a conference call was definitely something we struggled with. A lot of my neighbors now know SWOT analysis, thanks to my terrace phone calls. We felt that meeting space was much needed to work more efficiently and get everyone on the same page in a short time. There were 2 challenges: 1) Corona restricted any movement 2) We did not want to invest in office space this early. 

To be honest, we wanted to work out of cafes - if only the team was at the same location, or cafes allowed you to work from them and not ask you to buy something to sit there. I do miss them! 

With over 100+ associations with students and clients, we feel that we are well on our path to mentor students in getting the right school and the right job. We prepare students for interviews and team them with the right expert from our panel to help them. In the pre-corona era, such services would need face to face interaction, but since many interviews have also shifted online, we have also taken up this concern and further prepared students for online interviews through online mock interviews.

For now, we work from home, like any organization and our headquarters is all but in the cloud somewhere, in between the messages, emails, and calls throughout the day.

But once this lockdown is over - I am running towards a cafe for sure!