“It's no secret that the best place to write, in my opinion, is in a café. You don't have to make your own coffee, you don't have to feel like you're in solitary confinement and if you have writer's block, you can get up and walk to the next café while giving your batteries time to recharge and brain time to think.” – J.K Rowling

JK Rowling pretty much sums up why cafes are the perfect haven for all writers but let me put forth my own experience. I write for two purposes - for the company I work for and for my own personal blog and working in cafes on weekends is perfect for me. 

With the onset of Covid-19, the world has changed and being forced at home - the thing I miss most is going to a Cafe on Saturday and always ordering an English breakfast. 

John Green writes “you can never love people as much as you can miss them” which I believe stands true for Cafes too, the places I did not value earlier but now I do.  

Why? You ask.

 Solitude without loneliness

The first and most important reason is that cafes provide the perfect place where you can work alone without being disturbed but you never feel lonely which is a feeling that constantly nags you while you are inside the confinement of your four walls. It is not easy to describe how precious this feeling is how much it adds to your productivity. 

Feeling alone as we have seen during the lockdown can make us anxious and can get depressing all of which hampers our productivity, reduces the quality of our work, and more importantly, affects our mental health

Solitude by choice, on the other hand at a cafe, makes you feel you are in control of the choices you have made. You have chosen to go to a place and you are there for only work which brings you to a work mindset only increasing your productivity

No need to manage the space

 The principle difference between WFH and office is how we don't have to manage the space at our offices. At home, making one tea leads to at least 3 utensils to be cleaned which is a nightmare for a lazy person like me. 

At a cafe, it helps that the space is always clean and tidy. No matter how I end up disorganizing my table and space, the staff helps me either with organizing or simply changes my table and I always get an organized table to work on.

The food is another bonus, rewarding myself with a coffee or a small treat from time to time for achieving my work goals is easier and makes me more efficient. 

All of this allows me to focus solely on the work and not the workspace which is a freeing experience.

Meeting interesting people

If you are like me who finds it difficult to meet people at so-called networking events then cafes are the perfect place. Meeting people from different walks of life be it different professions, ages, and life circumstances is always nice. I especially love connecting with women at such places. Although, I must add that please approach people politely if you would like to connect and respect their privacy. I have made friends this way who I am sure I would not have met otherwise and would not have got the perspectives which I got from them. 

The list is endless - discovering new food, music, and experiences - if you are too bored are among the many things that still make cafes a great place to work. 

Like they say, A coffee gets you ready for a day, a cafe gets the day ready for you!